Originating from Madagascar and raised in Montreal, Canada—a vibrant hub of multiculturalism and immigration—I've experienced the powerful beauty of individuals from diverse backgrounds coming together to foster mutual support and understanding throughout my life.

However, my journey took a sharp turn upon immigrating to the United States three years ago. The level of division and hate, particularly directed towards immigrants and people of color, was shocking and unlike anything I had experienced before. Despite Montreal's reputation for multicultural harmony, the reality of discrimination persists everywhere. Yet, what I encountered living in the U.S. was on another level altogether.

My vibrant art aims to challenge misconceptions about immigrants and people of color in America. Through meticulous layering of mixed media textures, I strive to capture the nuanced emotions stirred by prejudice. Each irregularity in my work symbolizes the complexities of our collective struggles and shows that even in our lowest moments, resilience prevails.

By shedding light on the pain and trauma of mistreatment, I seek to foster empathy and appreciation for our shared humanity. Inspired by my hometown, my visual narratives portray immigrants and people of color as beautiful, resilient, hard-working, and joyful individuals. Through my art, I invite viewers to transcend divisions and embark on a collective journey toward love and understanding—a journey essential for every metropolitan city.


Will Raojenina, also known as WCMTL, is a self-taught Canadian multidisciplinary visual artist. Born to immigrant parents from Antananarivo, Madagascar, WCMTL's artistic journey began in his hometown of Montreal, Canada, where he was born and raised. He immigrated to the United States three years ago and recently relocated to Los Angeles. 
His artistic expression takes the form of colorful mixed-media works, blending figurative and abstract art with layered textures and assemblages of objects. The distinctive heavy texture he employs is instantly recognizable to viewers as a WCMTL artwork, serving as a hallmark of his unique style. His creations serve as a meticulously crafted dialogue, a visual symphony that speaks to the core of human connection and seeks to foster understanding and empathy towards each other, and resilience while transcending differences.
WCMTL's childhood was marked by different struggles. One of them was witnessing his immigrant father's pursuit of the American dream, juxtaposed with the harsh realities of discrimination experienced at his place of employment. This led to his father's battle with mental illness, resulting in significant challenges of pain and poverty for the family. WCMTL kept all his emotions in but turned to sewing and painting on clothes as outlets for his emotions during his early teenage years, earning him the moniker WCMTL (Will Couture Montreal). Through this creative journey, he found solace and formed a community of like-minded immigrant teenagers who shared similar life experiences. This diverse collective became a melting pot of perspectives, teaching WCMTL the art of effective visual communication and shaping his empathetic and understanding artistic philosophy.
WCMTL's impact as an artist has garnered significant recognition, including invitations to speak at art panels at Gensler, the world's largest architectural firm, and exhibitions at prestigious events such as Frieze Los Angeles, a renowned platform for modern and contemporary art. His work resonates deeply with viewers, sparking conversations and connections across diverse audiences. As his talent continues to evolve and his influence expands, WCMTL's name will be recognized as one of the most significant artists of our era in due time. 
His artwork is currently held in private collections across North America, further testament to the profound impact of his innovative artistic vision.